Jun 8 2010

Top 15 High School Drinks

In this article we regress from our hunt for the best hangover cure and instead pay homage to the drinks that made us the people we are today.  Think back to your first sip of alcohol.  High school drinking was a delicate balance between “wanting to rage” and “projectile vomiting.”  This interesting intersection allowed for some creative and simply nostalgic alcoholic beverages to surface.  From the respectable 40oz of Old E to the mysterious allure of Jungle Juice, we revisit our founding fathers and pay our respects.

zima bottle15. Zima – 7-up meets alcohol.  This short-lived intoxicator was only on the scene for a few years.  It’s tasty clear fluid (that’s what she said) was a favorite for girls, but just a little too gay for boys.

14. Pucker – Nobody knows whether Pucker is supposed to be a mixer or what, but it’s almost always drunk straight from the bottle.  It’s strong sugary flavors make it tasty (“omg! It like doesn’t taste like ah-ka-hawl!”) but will ultimately end you up with a restless sleep and brain splitting hangover.

13. Southern Comfort aka SoCo
– Orange flavored whiskey.  Fits nicely in your pocket, making for easy access into school dances, detention, and sober grad night.  My first blackout was from SoCo. Go me.

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