Dec 3 2011

Thailand Party Survival Guide


bangkok red light district

Matt Elmore, Bangkok – Currently, I’m waiting at a train station, probably still drunk from the last few weeks of complete party mayhem.  Although it might not show, I think I’ve finally cracked the code on how to properly rage and survive in this warzone of a country, Thailand.  This is the third time I’ve been here and by golly, I’ve earned my blackbelt.  For those who’ve traveled to Thailand, I think you’ll agree with these survival tips wholeheartedly.  For those planning to go, consider this article to be your new bible.

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Jun 13 2011

Top 5 Drinking Holidays

fourth of july

Caitlin Reid, San Diego – Ah, holidays. Whether you love them or hate them, holidays are notorious for binge drinking. Sometimes as a joyous celebration of the togetherness of family and friends, other times as necessary escape from the togetherness of family and friends, the presence of booze at any holiday gathering is welcome. Thankfully, it’s almost always socially acceptable to get your drink on at a holiday party or dinner, and there is an array of specialty drinks that only appear on the shelves once a year that you’ll kick yourself for missing out on a few months down the road if you don’t partake  (mmm…eggnog…).  At Caveday, we enjoy a good stiff drink on just about any holiday.  But in our opinion, there are a few select days of the year that always seem to make the masses a little thirstier than others. So without further ado, here‘s our picks for the top 5 best drinking holidays.
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Apr 24 2011

Day Drinking Survival Guide

rehab in vegasPenny Harcourt, Taos – Well, if the daffodils in my yard can be trusted, summer is finally on the way! Summer, the season of baseball, backyard barbecues, beach days; and of course, hand-in-hand with all these events, day drinking. This is not to imply that your friendly experts at Caveday don’t day drink in other seasons, but seriously, nothing goes better with a hot summer’s day than a case of beer or a frozen margarita.

Day drinking is an essential part of summer, but as any accomplished day drinker knows, it’s not without its perils. So today we bring you Caveday’s Official Day Drinking Survival Guide, giving you plenty of time to memorize our good advice before June rolls around. As I crack my 2pm beer, allow me to give you a brief list of rules that will serve you well in your day-drinking careers.

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Jan 9 2011

The Walk of Shame

the walk of shame
Caitlin Reid, Los Angeles – After a night of hardcore partying there are few words more ominous, more heartbreaking, more dreaded than “Walk of Shame”. The glory of a passionate connection followed by a cuddly sleepover is almost always masked by this parade of embarrassment. You wake up in the morning and the panicked search for your underwear and dead cell phone begins, mascara burning your eyes, head pounding, nausea building; all of your normal hangover symptoms, however crippling they may be, take a backseat to the fact that you must gather what little pride you have left and march yourself home wearing the remnants of last night’s saucy outfit. Take a deep breath. Go to your happy place. Put one foot in front of the next and hold your head high, girl: this is your walk of shame.

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