caveday • / kāv-dā / audio icon • noun
: A day of which activity is minimized due to the effects of a colossal hangover.

Everybody is familiar with Cavedays. You’re hungover. You hate yourself and your one-and-only plan for the day is to do everything in your power just to stay alive. Namely: nothing. It’s time that you blow off all your friends and the drunken promises you made to each other the night before (e.g.: “Dude, I’m DEFINITELY down to meet up and go deep sea fishing tomorrow!”). In actuality you’re not down, the name of the game has become survival.

In this blog we will address the infinite multitude of idiotic things we do because of drinking.  Scenesters, hipsters, stoners, drinkers, clubbers, pub-hoppers, whoever you are… this is for you.  Let’s discuss those stupid things we do for the sake of social survival.  On a periodic basis, we’ll be putting out articles that should hopefully make you laugh (with us, at us, and at yourselves).  We encourage you to contribute, but not too much on the weekends.  We’ll either be drunk or worse.