Top 5 Drinking Holidays

fourth of july

Caitlin Reid, San Diego – Ah, holidays. Whether you love them or hate them, holidays are notorious for binge drinking. Sometimes as a joyous celebration of the togetherness of family and friends, other times as necessary escape from the togetherness of family and friends, the presence of booze at any holiday gathering is welcome. Thankfully, it’s almost always socially acceptable to get your drink on at a holiday party or dinner, and there is an array of specialty drinks that only appear on the shelves once a year that you’ll kick yourself for missing out on a few months down the road if you don’t partake  (mmm…eggnog…).  At Caveday, we enjoy a good stiff drink on just about any holiday.  But in our opinion, there are a few select days of the year that always seem to make the masses a little thirstier than others. So without further ado, here‘s our picks for the top 5 best drinking holidays.
#5: Fourth of July

Independence Day! A wonderful day to be an American! Smack dab inp the middle of summer, the Fourth of July is a perfect time to get a little silly. With hamburgers and hot dogs a plenty to soak up all the alcohol, why not go nuts. As you drink more, the sun will get higher in the sky, you’ll get warmer, you’ll lose a few items of clothing, then you’ll drink more…what could be better?! With festivities often starting early in the day, this holiday provides ample time to get proper sloshed, and with someone else in charge of the big (and quite dangerous) fireworks show, you’re free to extend your day drinking well into the sparkly night. Good luck with the hangover; chances are the sunburn and red, white and blue dye in all the sweets you’ve eaten will make things pretty brutal the next day. But as with all holidays, the Fourth only comes once a year, and if you’re lucky, it’ll fall on a Friday, providing you with ample Caveday time. God Bless the USA!

#4: Valentine’s Day

This may not seem like an obvious choice, but if you’ve ever been single on February 14th, and we all have, you know that the love of your life comes in the form of something cold, strong, and plentiful. Valentine’s Day is either the best or worst day of the year, depending on your Facebook relationship status. There are just as many “Anti-Love Parties” as there are special couples’ menus out there on Cupid’s official day, so whether you’re celebrating with your sweetie or cursing all things pink and adorned with hearts, enjoy your buzz with gusto. WARNING: The hangover after a singles’ Valentine’s day can be among the worst. Ever. Combining PABs with a heightening sense of feeling alone can have catastrophic side effects. Be sure to plan to not be alone on the 15th. Hang out with your BFF’s and throw in a good hangover movie. Hey, look on the bright side: once the nausea subsides, all heart shaped candy will be on sale!

#3: Halloween

One of the most fun holidays out there, Halloween night is a perfect time to get wasted. Either you’ve put a lot of work into your costume or you’ve dug out that same lame getup you’ve worn for years; whatever you’re dressed as, you’re looking more ridiculous than usual, and so is everybody else. You know what that means: SHOTS! It’s the one night of the year where no one cares about looking anything but nuts, whether you go cute-sey, slutty, scary or nastified. There are parties everywhere and the bars are hoppin’, slinging ghoulish cocktails and enough sugar to enhance your lasting power into the wee hours of the night. Be sure to prepare accordingly by eating something starchy beforehand and packing the make-up remover to avoid major post-zombie-face breakouts. It’s gonna be a wild night!

#2: New Years Eve

Bet you expected this to be #1, no question, right? WRONG. In fact, if it were up to us, we’d leave NYE off this list all together for the reason that it’s the Amateur Night to top all Amateur Night. Everyone is expected to get hammered on New Years. And most people do. There are parties and events and epic lines at restaurants and bars. Everything is over-priced, right down the cab that’ll be impossible to hail to bring you safely home. NYE is waaaaaaaaay over hyped. Sure, we’ve all had a great time here or there saying goodbye to the year that’s passed and hello to the year to come, but in reality, it’s the most cliche you can get when it comes to drinking holidays. All of that ranting aside, cliches are cliches for a reason. And we at Caveday aren’t going to say that we don’t enjoy some bubbly on the 31st just like anyone else, it’s just hard to rank it atop this list when there are so many other clutch holidays on which to embrace your drunkness. So maybe this year, try something different. Eat in or party a few days into the new year instead. You’ll feel like an individual and you’ll save a few bucks in doing so.

st patricks day#1: St. Patrick’s Day

GREEN BEER! GREEN BEER! OK. So not every one’s Irish. But on March 17th, anyone and everyone IS Irish! This is the perfect drinking holiday for many reasons. First, it falls in the middle of March, like a lonely drunk ice burg floating idly between Christmas and Memorial Day. By the time St. Paddy’s comes around, we’re all itching for a good hurrah. Second, the Irish practically defined the word “drunk”. These red-headed fools know whats up when it comes to the sauce. With so many delicious Irish beverage choices, you can go nuts with a few shots of Jameson, down 6 or 7 Guinness, and follow it all up with some Bailey’s in your coffee to end the evening. Lastly, the enthusiasm that comes along with this day is unparalleled. Everyone is just so damn excited to drink on this day! So find a good Irish bar, parade, or bagpipe fest and go green from head to toe. Stock up on some Lucky Charms for your impending Caveday breakfast. Yum!

In conclusion, for we drinkers, holidays are a blessing. No matter what you’re up to or what holiday it is, it is more than acceptable (in fact, it’s expected) to get plastered. Let us know what you think; if there’s a holiday that you’d rank as more wasted-worthy than the ones we’ve listed here, leave a comment and let us know your St. Drunksmasgiving Day ritual.

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