Caveday Invades India

caveday in indiaMatt Elmore, San Diego – Namsate, my friends.  Caveday’s resolve in quest for the best hangover cure knows no bounds.  This month I had the pleasure of visiting India, home of one of the world’s most ancient cultures.  What did I think of the Taj Mahal? The Ganges?  Couldn’t tell ya.  During the daytime, we were way too hungover to even consider venturing out into the mayhem.  The operation was to see how the Indians get down.  Mission accomplished.  To put it lightly, we got bombed in Bombay on the daily.

old monkOur drunken guide on this adventure was Old Monk.  Not literally an aged Hindu sage with a penchant for partying, Old Monk is Indian rum.  Like the chaotic yet harmonious flow of traffic on the streets of Bombay, Old Monk runs through your system either like a peaceful Om or a vengeful Montezuma.  Unfortunately I experienced more of the latter.  To Indians, the Monk is a nostalgic liquor kept alive since high school days.  Similar to how we Americans view Southern Comfort (So-Co).  The buzz is hefty, yet invigorating.  It provides a perfect balance of liquid courage and wastedness; enough for me to attempt Bollywood dancing.

If there’s one thing to be said about Indian party culture, they certainly know how to survive a mean hangover with a well executed Caveday.  Come 12 o’clock, my three wishes to the genie were to stay inside, pull the shades, and to be resurrected in human form.  When the heat and humidity outside are so intense that they make you pray to Shiva for mercy, you really begin to appreciate AC.

In India, labor is cheap and services are merely a phone call away.  I shit you not, you can order McDonald’s.  They deliver.  If a restaurant doesn’t deliver for some odd reason, you can pay someone to pick it up.  Or lets say you can’t physically manage to place the phone call to order food, then have the maid do it.  Because of the abundance of services, Caveday awards India top honors for its Hangover-Handicapped Awareness efforts.

Apparently, I had accumulated enough good karma to be blessed with the most delicious of hangover foods, mutton kebab’s.  These bad boys are made with lamb minced 11 times over and kebab’d into mouth watering deliciousness.  Add some rice, curry, and yogurt and you’re set.  Like clockwork, food coma ensues in T-minus 15 minutes so fasten your seat belt for a proper Indian Caveday.

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