Hangover Pill Review: Drinkwel

Drinkwel hangover pillsNicole Novak, San Diego – Similar to supplements like ‘Liver Rescue,’ the ‘Drinkwel’ hangover cure is an all-vegetarian capsule meant to ease your suffering on that worst of days: hangover day.

The gelcaps are packaged in a little bottle that comes in a little satchel with a little tag for instructions – very Alice in Wonderland but they go down smooth and feel all natural while they’re doing it. There’s kind of an herb-alicious multi grain scent to them, and the ingredients list reads like the salad section at Applebees. Below it, “embrace the oxymoron: become a healthier drinker.” Hmm.

Setting it up:

Reviewer got “fluxxed” at San Diego’s newest hottest-of-the-spots in the city’s gaslamp district. The Fluxx super club does it all: winds you up, breaks you down, makes you sweat, takes your money, and spits you out onto the sidewalk at 2am empty-handed and half deaf. You get used and abused and have an amazing time doing it, it’s the bad relationship you keep going back to on Fridays.. and Saturdays.. and sometimes on Thursdays.

And knocking it down:

Last memories before blackout period include: shooting gold tequila with several club promoters, gawking directly below as gogo dancers go conceptual and gravity-defying, making it behind the DJ booth as big fancy techno DJ #1 rocks out to his mix of big fancy techno DJ #2, having an epiphany about the sheer awesomeness and downright necessity of LED lights in all drinking establishments, and then somehow magically waking up the next morning on her own couch, moderately confused and solo. Original gangster? Tough call.

Despite these odds, reviewer woke up semi bright-eyed and ready for the day.  Instructions said to take three capsules when drinking alcohol, along with plenty of water to wake up magically fresh and painless. Although just taking care to stay hydrated surely would have helped the situation, the veggie caps actually work. Their slogan says it simply, “your body will thank you.”

Think of them like a dose of super-vitamins, infused with stuff like milk thistle for liver health and amino acids to help process alcohol-induced toxins. Taking care to address all the effects of the universal alcohol hangover, the ‘Drinkwel’ guys and gals put together the right combination of stuff to ease your boozey symptoms.  No headache, fogginess, or upset stomach. Didn’t seem to do much for those achey muscles though, so if clubbing is involved make sure to pack a good old Advil just in case. And above all else, hydrating while you’re inebriating is the key to a better morning.

Author: Nicole Novaknicole novak

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