Hangover Pill Review: THC (The Hangover Cure)

The fellows over at THC contacted Caveday to do a review of their product.  Who were we to say no?  As we continue the hunt for the best hangover cure, we agreed to review THC, really pushing the boundaries of the product and our livers.  Alcohol was consumed in mass quantities.  Dancefloors were wrecked.  Friendships were made and shattered in the blink of an eye.  The night was epic and The Hangover Cure was put to a test that most gods would fear.

the hangover cure

The Testers

Profile: Matt
Sex: Male
Political Party: Shut up
Additional Info: Caveday author

Profile: Caitlin
Sex: Female
Favorite Food: Sushi
Additional Info: Has never farted in her life

The Test

The night started out at Robotron’s pre-party for the Mosley-Mayweather fight.  Fuck Mayweather, by the way.  Our captain of the night was Morgan, a surefire escort to the land of the alcohol hangover.

Numerous cocktails and a few unnecessary shots later, we made way to The Whistle Stop for our favorite dance party: 80s vs 90s.  And dance, we did.  Random girl getting into the mix:

As the night continued on, Caitlin and Matt continued the blitzkrieg.  We never drank the same thing twice: rum and coke, beer, vodka soda, whiskey rocks, etc.  Needless to say, we were setup to do a hardcore test of The Hangover Cure.  After a one-eyed drive back home to the sounds of Journey and 38-special, we arrived safely and prepared our potions.

The Hangover Cure is best taken before going to bed.  You mix the fruity powder into a glass of water, stir, and drink.  It doesn’t taste bad, but if you’re like me, sweets taste like hell after you’ve been drinking.  I had to pound it.  Caitlin struggled.  The last thing I remember before bed was thinking “Lord help me.  This better be the best hangover cure ever.”

The Result

I woke up to the sound of Caitlin vomiting in the bathroom.  Bad start.  Like in the war movies, when a bomb goes off right near the hero and he checks his body for wounds, I began to scan for hangover symptoms.  Aside from my smell, everything checked out pretty good.  No headache, no stomach ache, no PABs (post-alcohol blues).

I cannot begin to emphasize how big of an accomplishment this is.  I am the king of hangovers.  For me to be feeling normal, let alone good, after the previous night’s beverage line-up is a damn miracle.  This kept up for the entirety of the day but around 6pm I physically crashed due to pure exhaustion.  Still, no hangover symptoms, just tired as hell.

Back to Caitlin.  The poor girl suffered all day long.  The puke-a-thon ended that morning but a headache haunted her all day.  In defense of THC, it would have taken an entire body-transplant to fix Caitlin’s hangover.

In summary, I’d say that THC works, for some.  Is it the best hangover cure ever?  Probably not, but that holy grail is still yet to be found.

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