Apr 24 2011

Day Drinking Survival Guide

rehab in vegasPenny Harcourt, Taos – Well, if the daffodils in my yard can be trusted, summer is finally on the way! Summer, the season of baseball, backyard barbecues, beach days; and of course, hand-in-hand with all these events, day drinking. This is not to imply that your friendly experts at Caveday don’t day drink in other seasons, but seriously, nothing goes better with a hot summer’s day than a case of beer or a frozen margarita.

Day drinking is an essential part of summer, but as any accomplished day drinker knows, it’s not without its perils. So today we bring you Caveday’s Official Day Drinking Survival Guide, giving you plenty of time to memorize our good advice before June rolls around. As I crack my 2pm beer, allow me to give you a brief list of rules that will serve you well in your day-drinking careers.

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